How can I report a bug?
First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the bug. You can send us an inquiry at  Lazy Master Support   regarding the bug. Please send us a screenshot of the bug as it will help us fix the issue quicker.
Major Links of Lazy Master
↓↓Download↓↓ -Store download link :  https://bit.ly/2NIoMEc   ↓↓Communities↓↓ -Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/LazyMaster5minutes   -Reddit :  https://www.reddit.com/r/LazyMaster5minutes   -Discord :  https://discord.gg/uDKSqd    
How can I acquire Heroes?
There are various ways to acquire heroes in the game. The most common way is through summoning. You can summon heroes in the 'Summon Portal.' There are three main summons in the Summon Portal: Friendship Summon,  Premium Summon, and Normal Summon.  For Friendship Summon, you need Friend Crystals to summon heroes.  You can send and receive Friend Crystals with your friends in the Friend List. For Premium Summon, you need Premium Crystals to summon heroes.  You can either buy 1 Premium Crystal for 200 Diamonds or buy them at the Market. For Normal Summon, you need Normal Crystals to summon heroes. Normal Crystals can be obtained in the Market. You can acquire heroes at the Mage's Choice. In addition to heroes, you can also obtain various materials and gear.  There are two types of draws at the Mage's Choice: Normal Mage's Choice and Premium Mage's Choice. Premium Mage's Choice offers better rewards. In order to unlock Premium Mage's Choice, you need to reach VIP Lv. 3. You can acquire heroes at the Temple of Elements. You can summon or replace heroes at the Temple of Elements.  Hero Summon : You can use Element Crystals to acquire a random hero piece for the element you chose. Hero Replace : You can use Hero Crystals to exchange a hero for another hero with the same element,  level, and grade.  In addition, you can acquire Heroes from Hero Pieces. Hero Pieces are obtainable from various contents within LM! If you collect a certain amount, you can use the Pieces to summon a hero!
What is the Hidden Isles?
You can enter the Hidden Isles by tapping the building in the lobby screen. The Hidden Isles is divided into Normal and Boss Isles.  Normal Isles reset once a day. The number of isles, rewards, and monsters will be randomized every day. There are two types of ways to start a battle at the Normal Isle in the Hidden Isles. 1) User Isle (big isle in the middle): You can enter without consuming tickets. Only one User Isle is created. 2) Friend Isle (small isles): You have to use Hidden Isle tickets received from friends to start the battle. If you don't have enough tickets, the start battle button will be disabled. The Boss Isle consists of three chapters. One chapter consists of 20 stages, so there are 60 stages altogether. There are 3 bosses in each isle which grant Orbs, Gold, or Creature Food. You can fight each boss once a day for free. After using up all attempts, you can purchase more with diamonds. Raise your VIP level to increase the number of attempts! You can obtain Treasure Coupons at the Hidden Isles and purchase items from Treasure Exchanger.
I can't clear the stage. Help!
If you are stuck on a stage, you may need to improve your heroes! Try leveling up your heroes, equip gear and upgrade gear to increase stats, or level up your skills!   Also, depending on the type of your heroes, you can either lose or win a battle! Each faction is strong against one particular faction and weak against another one so try to utilize this to your advantage. The formation is also important, so try changing your formation too! Finally, if you hit a wall, just be lazy and pass time so that you can get more rewards to level up!