Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ Account
How do I sync my account in World War Arena?
To sync your account, go to Options by tapping on the gear icon located on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Tap on "Logged in as guest" then tap either "Sign in with Google" or "Continue with Facebook."
FAQ Payment
Transaction failed (iOS), what should I do?
While in-app purchases are delivered to your account immediately upon transaction, there may be times when purchases may arrive later than usual. When this happens, restart your game and check if the purchase has been received. Make sure that you have a stable network connection as well as this may affect the delivery of purchased items at certain times.If you have not received the purchased item within 24 hours, refer to the items below.※ Apple App Store (iOS)Please note that purchases made in the App Store are processed by Apple. You can reach out to their Support Center [here]. (Link: https://support.apple.com/contact)Go to Music, Movies & AppsHow to recover missing purchased items
FAQ Game
Can I earn Gems for free in-game?
Yes! It is possible to earn Gems in-game for free. You can acquire Gems from the Monthly Attendance Check-in, completing Daily Ops, or participating and progressing in Challenge!
FAQ Account
What's a User Key?
You can find your User Key by going to Options. Tap on the gear icon located on the upper right hand corner on the screen. 
FAQ Game
I have a lot of spare Units, what can I do with them?
You can visit the Trade Center to Discharge your surplus Units to earn Dog Tags. Use the slider or tap on the "+" icon to increase or decrease the amount of Units that you want to Discharge. The amount of Dog Tags that can be earned is displayed above the slider.